Egyptian Version of Steve Jobs Raises Controversy, Conspiracy Theories

Egyptian Version of Steve Jobs Raises Controversy, Conspiracy Theories

A snap of a Steve Jobs lookalike has sent online forums abuzz with conspiracy theories that the Apple co-founder faked his death and went into hiding in Egypt.

Jobs, whose biological father was a Syrian immigrant from Homs, succumbed to pancreatic cancer after a long battle with the illness.

But a photo of a Jobs doppleganger posted to Reddit and Facebook has caused some to ask whether the American tech magnate in fact fled to Egypt to seek a quieter life.

In the photo, the man appears to be relaxing in a cafe wearing a short-sleeved Arab robe. He also is seen to have slipped his shoes off – which Apple enthusiasts pointed out was similar to Jobs’ habit of walking around barefoot while searching for ideas.

“Honestly, wouldn’t put it past him. His love for Egypt and that type of simple living,” wrote one Reddit user.

“This guy looks too much like Steve Jobs to be so random,” wrote another.

Even some who were sceptical admitted that perhaps Jobs could be capable of such a move.

“Idk (I don’t known) man. I’m not very into conspiracy theories, but Jobs would be crazy enough to actually do it.”

Earlier this month, Arab social media users shared photos that appeared to show Egyptian football Mohammed Salah working at an abbatoir in Kuwait and deceased US President George Bush Senior partaking in the Islamic hajj pilgrimage.

The Bush lookalike turned out to be an 87-year-old university professor from the US.

“I’m used to people calling me George Bush especially when I am abroad,” the man told Al-Sharq Al-Awsat.

“This is my first time on pilgrimage in Mecca and a few non-US pilgrims have approached me and asked if I am Bush,” he added.

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