Around 8000 Animals Expected to be Slaughtered in UAE During Eid

Around 8000 Animals Expected to be Slaughtered in UAE During Eid

Public abattoirs in Abu Dhabi are expected to receive nearly 8,000 sacrificial animals for slaughter on the first day of Eid Al Adha, the civic body has announced.

The Abu Dhabi Municipality said preparations are under way to cater the large number of sacrificial animals to be slaughtered during the forthcoming Eid Al Adha.

The Abu Dhabi slaughterhouses is expected to receive over 2,400 animals.

Veterinarians will be present in the slaughterhouses round-the-clock to monitor the sacrifices before and after the slaughter.

Official said priority and special services will be offered to the elderly and people of determination at all slaughter houses.

Dr Saeed Qarwash Al Rumaithi, director of the department of public health at the Abu Dhabi Municipality, said imams from the General Authority Islamic Affairs and Endowments Authority (Awqaf) will lead Eid prayers in mosques located at the slaughterhouses so worshippers can quickly have their animals slaughtered immediately after the Eid prayer.

“Slaughterhouses in Abu Dhabi provide tailor-made iceboxes for keeping meats to ensure proper transiting of meats and carcasses. The boxes will avoid polluting or corrupting the meat due to heat exposure during the transit process,” said Al Rumaithi.

He warned people against slaughtering animals from their homes or outside municipal abattoirs stressing that sacrificial animal slaughtered in public abattoirs or slaughterhouses are safe for human consumption.

“Slaughtering of sacrificial animals inside the approved slaughterhouses ensures that their meat is fit for human consumption and maintains public health. There are potential diseases associated with the slaughtering of animals in homes or makeshift places and environmental pollution.”

According to the municipality, people caught slaughtering sacrificial animals in homes, public parks or other places apart from the municipal abattoirs will be fined of up to Dh5,000.

The timings for slaughtering animals at all municipal abattoirs are from 6am to 7.30pm.

The fees for the slaughtering of animals are: Dh15 per goat or sheep, Dh40 per calf or young camel, and Dh60 per older cow or camel.

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