Justin Bieber Spotted Out Shopping at Upscale Department Store with Hailey Bieber

Justin Bieber Spotted Out Shopping at Upscale Department Store with Hailey Bieber

He introduced his own casual clothing label at the end of last year.

Justin Bieber was spotted out shopping at the upscale department store Barneys New York in Beverly Hills on Monday.

The 25-year-old singer was joined by his wife Hailey Bieber, 22, who showed off her svelte figure in similarly casual clothes.

Justin sported a loose gray T-shirt featuring the now familiar Drew smiley face over his chest.

He paired it with lilac-colored shorts frayed at the hem, a gray ski cap and white New Balance trainers with aquamarine accents.

Hailey’s casual chic outfit featured a plunging black crop top with golden chain straps that showcased her flat tummy and a hint of her cleavage.

She had a black Chanel waist bag slung over her shoulder and wore a baggy pair of two-tone jeans with an acid wash front and a black rear.

The 5ft7in model added a splash of color to her outfit with vibrant red high top shoes, and she accessorized with a gold luxury wristwatch and thick gold hoop earrings.

Her lustrous blonde locks were styled pin straight and cascaded across her back.

The couple shared a few of the mints that Justin held in his hand, while Hailey had a beverage to keep her hydrated.

The two looked happy and relaxed, and they locked arms while ascending the swanky store’s marble staircase.

Back in February, Justin trademarked Drew (his middle name), though the Sorry singer started creating items with the smiley face logo, including a pair of slippers, back in December.

It wasn’t until January that the fashion house put out its first collection, and since then it has mostly focused on loose unisex clothing in neutral and earth tones, though they currently sell a number of items in pale purple hues similar to Justin’s shorts.

On Thursday, Justin shared two short videos that appeared to be taken in his own.

He held a banded stack of what appeared to be pink-hued $100 bills, but when he flipped them over he revealed they were novelty bills printed with his friend Kylie Jenner’s visage on them.

‘I got bands that’ll make you dance’ he said as he flapped the faux-cash around.

‘What do you got there?’ he asked as Hailey stepped out of a room wearing a black and gray sweatshirts, fuzzy Drew slippers and a lime green pair of shorts.

She laid down a large pink box full of Kylie’s new cosmetics collection while Justin took the Kylie bucks and started slapping Hailey’s derriere with them, all while shouting: ‘Bands, bands, bands!’

‘Pink bands will make her dance,’ he captioned the clip.

Another short video posted on Friday showed Hailey seated in the back of the large van that chauffeured them to Barneys.

‘Are you recording me?’ she asked, staring straight into the camera.

Justin fibbed and said ‘No’ even as he continued to record her looking out the tinted window and pulling her hair back.

The I’m The One singer zoomed in on her while murmuring ‘Damn’ and getting an extreme closeup of her nether regions.

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