UAE: Woman Files Lawsuit Against Sister for Gold Stealing

UAE: Woman Files Lawsuit Against Sister for Gold Stealing

An Arab woman has sued her sister in Ras Al Khaimah for allegedly stealing her gold, but the latter claimed it wasn’t theft as the jewellery belonged to their late mother.

The defendant, who is in her 50s, reportedly found the gold when she stayed at the complainant’s house for quite some time, court records show. And according to her confession during the RAK police investigation, she took all the jewellery.

“My sister (complainant) illegally took hold of the jewels and hid them from everyone in the family,” she said.

She repeated the statement before the RAK Public Prosecution, claiming that she was “getting back an inheritance that her sister had stolen after their mother’s death”.

The complainant, however, insisted that the jewellery was hers.

“This is my gold. I bought it, it is not our mother’s,” she said, asking her sister to return the gold for an amicable settlement of the litigation.

But when the defendant appeared at the Ras Al Khaimah Misdemeanour Court, she withdrew her confession, saying that she suffered from a mental disorder.

“Actually, I was not sure about my earlier statement,” she said. “I did not steal any gold from my sister’s house.”

The two sisters rejected all efforts for reconciliation.

The trial was adjourned until a defence lawyer is assigned.

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