Why Victoria Beckham Left Her Manager?

Why Victoria Beckham Left Her Manager?

Victoria Beckham has reportedly left her manager of 25 years, Simon Fuller, for top talent agency William Morris Endeavor [WME].

The singer-turned-fashion designer’s husband David – who was also represented by Fuller’s company XIX Entertainment – reportedly paid the showbiz mogul £38million to buy him out of their joint business back in May.

And now it’s reported that Victoria, 45, has left Fuller for good – opting for US-founded WME, who represent the likes of Adele, Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa and Rihanna.

A source told The Sun: ‘Victoria and David bought back [Fuller’s] stake in their biggest business and they have become increasingly hands on with their own business affairs, which has frozen Simon out.

‘David initiated the split between them and Simon, but it’s clear from Victoria’s latest move that she doesn’t feel she needs him to push her career forward.

‘And now she’s taken on the biggest agency in the world to find new opportunities.’

MailOnline has contacted a representative for Victoria Beckham for comment.

Fuller propelled Victoria into the limelight with her Spice Girls bandmates back in 1996, having assembled the group in 1994. He managed their their early career until 1997 when the band decided to sack him and run their own affairs.

However, Victoria remained closely linked to Fuller’s company, with both she and Emma Bunton launching solo careers under his management.

David was also represented by the mogul – who boasts the likes of Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson and TV format American Idol as just a few of his global accomplishments – but he appears to be managed these days by Kin Partners, namely Simon Oliveira who used to work for Fuller as Senior Vice President of XIX Entertainment.

XIX managed the Beckham brand – including stakes in David’s new venture Inter Miami FC – but will presumably not handle Victoria’s forthcoming venture Victoria Beckham Beauty.

Fuller is currently still an active director for Victoria Beckham Limited and Victoria Beckham Holdings Limited, the designer’s fashion businesses, according to Companies House.

It’s also unknown from the latest development where this leaves Fuller’s endeavors with Victoria when it comes to her work with the Spice Girls.

Although the This Groove songstress sat out this summer’s UK reunion tour, the band are reportedly working on an animated movie together, which Victoria is said to be providing her voice for.

Fuller was present when all five Spice Girls gathered at Geri Horner’s house last year, where initial discussions took place about plans for the group’s future.

He was seen leaving the meeting in the back of a car with Victoria herself.

He was also the producer of the 1997 film Spice World: The Movie, as well as their 2012 West End musical, Viva Forever.

A source allegedly close to Fuller told The Sun: ‘He remains a shareholder in Victoria’s firm and wishes her all the best with her latest ventures.’

According to the Financial Times, Fuller’s XIX Entertainment held a 33 per cent stake in Beckham Brand Holdings but that he accepted David’s payment to forgo his share last spring.

David’s new football club – which is set to play in America’s major league in 2020 – is said to be one of the reasons why the father-of-four wanted to have sole ownership of the business.

Since retiring from football six years ago, he has focused on turning his personal brand into a business empire, previously saying that one of the reasons he decided to retire was because of his desire to start ‘owning and building businesses.’

Beckham Brand Holdings made a pre-tax profit of £15.7million in 2017, a fall of 20 per cent from the year before.

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