Lebanon: Gang Arrested for Smuggling 40,000 Captagons

Lebanon: Gang Arrested for Smuggling 40,000 Captagons

The Internal Security Forces announced Monday that it had busted a group of five people who admitted that they attempted to smuggle 40,000 Captagon pills through the Beirut airport.

The five were arrested in Chouf’s Jiyyeh on July 9 during a raid by the ISF’s Judicial Police on a residential apartment there that was used as a base for the group’s operations, according to an ISF statement. The five members were Syrian nationals Aa.Aa., born in 1989; T.Aa., born in 1995; H.Kh., born in 1995; M.Kh., born in 1993; and F.Aa., born in 1976.

According to the statement, the pills had been packed inside six wooden tables that were intended to be shipped as cargo to another Arab country. The ISF added that the tables were discovered on July 4.

The statement said that the men admitted to their actions upon being questioned. It added that they had worked with a sixth person, Syrian national M.Aa., born in 1996, but that M.Aa. fled Lebanon immediately after the operation was thwarted. The equipment used in the operation was seized during the raid.

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