Cardi B and Offset Pay $400K on Their Daughter’s Birthday

Cardi B and Offset Pay $400K on Their Daughter's Birthday

She celebrated her daughter’s first birthday last week with the release of a new song
And, Cardi B and Offset also spent a reported $400,000 on their daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus’s extravagant first birthday party, which they held in New York City on Saturday.

The lavish affair, with a ‘Onederful’ theme – which was momentarily plunged into darkness thanks to the city’s power outage – was decked out with vibrant decoration and kids’ activities on tap for their many guests.
High five! Cardi B and Offset spent a reported $400,000 on their daughter Kulture’s extravagant first birthday party, which they held in New York City on Saturday

According to TMZ, Cardi and Offset spent $400,000 on their daughter’s first birthday party on Saturday.

The pair reportedly rented out a huge venue in NYC for the aptly themed ‘Onederful Birthday’ bash.

The balloon-filled venue was packed out with activities for children, including a Build-A-Bear Workshop and a huge dessert table.

Even the city’s power outage couldn’t stop the lavish celebrations – with the help of a generator the lights and the AC were back on in no time.
Mother-of-one Cardi took to Instagram to share a snap of herself and her daughter clad in coordinating rainbow-coloured ensembles, while Offset held up the tiny tot.

She captioned the jubilant photo: ‘This the only good picture I can find with me and my baby matching outfit. Thank @itsjeremyscott @moschino for this beautiful custom outfits. I swear i really really was thing to get a good pic.’

Days earlier, Cardi was every inch the doting mum as she took to social media to share her daughter Kulture’s lavish birthday gifts, including a BODA leather jacket and jewel-encrusted shoes

Taking to her Instagram Story, the Bodak Yellow rapper, 26, opened a decorated shoe box to reveal a sparkly pair of ballerina pumps adorned with colourful gems and a swanky BODA leather jacket that featured a Marilyn Monroe printed back.
A message with the stylish jacket read: ‘Hey Cardi B, such an honour to welcome you to our BODA family. We are such huge fans of yours here at BODA HQ and had this bespoke BODA jacket made for you!

‘We hope you love it! If you need anything at all please let us know. So much love.’

Earlier this week Cardi – whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar – released a new song in honour of Kulture’s big day on July 10 alongside a photo and video montage of the little tot.

Taking to Instagram she wrote: ‘Thank you everybody for wishing my sweet baby a Happy Birthday. I made this song one day before I turned in my album and Eve gave me the green light for the beat I was so grateful! She a real one!

It didn’t make it on time tho cause as you can hear I was maaa stuffy with a terrible cold. I couldn’t get it right no matter how many times I spit it. Even when we try to mix it u still sound stuffy . I love my baby she changed my life.’

Prior to her daughter’s birthday, the music artist shared a short video clip of the expensive chain she had bought for her daughter’s birthday which reportedly cost a whopping $100,00, according to TMZ.

Showing off the extravagant jewellery, which was made of white gold, Cardi captioned the clip: ‘KULTURE new chain WORD PARTY its her fav Thanks @eliantte …..YOU KNOW A BAD B***H GON SPOIL HER.’

Cardi, who shares her daughter with on-off partner and rapper Offset, 27, welcomed her daughter into the world on July 10, 2018.
The rapper shared the news on Instagram by simply writing: ‘Kulture Kiari Cephus 07/10/18 @offsetyrn.’

This week Cardi locked horns with rapper Jermaine Dupri after he refused to name his favourite female rapper and instead said: ‘I don’t think they’re showing us who’s the best rapper. I think they’re trying to show⁠ — for me, it’s like strippers rapping.’

Responding to the comments on Instagram Cardi said: ‘I have seen a lot of people sayin’, ‘nowadays, female rappers only talk about they p***y and s**t.’ And now that Jermaine Dupri bring it up, now I’m gonna say something about it, right.’

‘First of all, I rap about my p***y because she’s my best friend, you know what I’m sayin’? And second of all, it seems like that’s what people wanna hear.

‘I ain’t even gonna front, because let me tell you something, when I did Be Careful, people was talking mad s**t in the beginning, like, ‘what the f**k is this? This is not what I expected. I expected this, I expected that.

‘So it’s like, if that’s what people ain’t tryna hear, then, alright, I’mma start rapping about my p***y again.’

She added: ‘There’s a lot of female rappers that be rapping they a** off and don’t be talking about they p***y and don’t be talking about getting down and dirty, and y’all don’t be supporting them.

‘Y’all don’t be supporting them and they be mad dope. These bloggers don’t support them, they don’t give them the recognition. So don’t blame that s**t on us when y’all not the ones that’s supporting them.’

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