Writer Jean Carroll Claims She Was Raped by Trump in the ’90s

Writer Jean Carroll Claims She Was Raped by Trump in the '90s

US President Donald Trump is facing another allegation of sexual assault after a woman, writer E. Jean Carroll, claimed she was raped by the then real estate developer in the mid-1990s.

Her allegation was published Friday in the New York magazine.

Carroll, a longtime columnist for Elle magazine and the author of five books, details an encounter with Trump in late 1995 or early 1996 in the upscale Bergdorf Goodman department store in midtown Manhattan.

Carroll was 52 years old at the time and Trump would have been 49 or 50, and married to Marla Maples.

Carroll, now 75, said the two recognized each other in the store, and Trump told her he needed to buy a gift for a female friend and suggested Carroll try on a lace bodysuit.

When they reached the dressing room, Carroll alleges that Trump lunged at her and over the next three minutes sexually assaulted her.

Carroll alleges that she managed to force him off her and open the door of the dressing room and flee.

Trump denied the allegation in a statement from the White House on Friday, saying he “never met this person in my life”.

Trump said Carroll was “trying to sell a new book – that should indicate her motivation. It should be sold in the fiction section.”

“Ms. Carroll & New York Magazine: No pictures? No surveillance? No video? No reports? No sales attendants around??” Trump added. “I would like to thank Bergdorf Goodman for confirming they have no video footage of any such incident, because it never happened.”

New York magazine said that two of Carroll’s friend, who are prominent but unnamed journalists, confirmed that she had described the alleged incident to them at the time and that they had full recollection of the story.

Trump has been accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment, ranging from unwanted touching to groping to assault, by at least 19 women since the 1980s.

Weeks before the presidential election on November 20, 2016, The Washington Post released a tape in which Trump boasted about how he sexually assaulted women because he was powerful.

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