The Jonas Brothers Sing ‘Sexy Lyrics’ in Spanish for the First Time

The Jonas Brothers Sing 'Sexy Lyrics' in Spanish for the First Time

The Jonas Brothers are singing in Spanish for the first time in their hit new song, Runaway.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas have teamed up with the Latino musicians Sebastian Yatra, Daddy Yankee and singer Natti Natasha for the hot new track and the music video was just dropped Thursday night.

It features bright neon colors in an ’80s theme so wild they even do la macarena.

A pop song with a reggaeton beat, the song Runaway begins with the Jonas brothers singing in English.

But when the chorus hits, the brothers are right there singing along – ‘Con la luna llena, solos en la arena’ (under the full moon, alone in the sand) – in Spanish.

Yes, the brothers sing some of the sexy lyrics in Spanish for the first time ever.

The song tells the story of two lovers who want to leave their life behind and runaway together.

The song is also a love song to Latin America as Daddy Yankee sings out numerous countries with Natasha responding in one word phrases, seemingly cheering him on.

‘Dominicana (dime) Colombiana (papi) Mi Mexicana (oh yeah) Latinoamericana (presente).’

In an interview with Billboard, Yatra spoke about the moment the producers sent him the track two years ago.

‘The story of this song started two years ago,’ he said.

He said he knew from the very beginning that he and Daddy Yankee ‘wanted to include someone from the mainstream market because the chorus is in English.’

But they didn’t know who until Joe Jonas contacted them.

‘It was the best, because we really wanted to record with him,’ says Yatra.

The Jonas Brothers just recently reunited after almost six years apart, so the timing was perfect, too.

They just released their new album Happiness Begins and documentary Chasing Happiness earlier this month, so the Jo Bros have been very, very busy lately.

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