Kiras From Netflix’s Jinn Visits Abla Fajita in Her Duplex

Kiras From Netflix's Jinn Visits Abla Fajita in Her Duplex

Netflix Middle East and North Africa posted on YouTube a short clip with Abla Fajita featuring Kiras to promote their first Arabic original production based in Jordan and titled Jinn.


The promotional video was reposted by Abla Fahita’s social media video pages and captioned: “A good widow is the one who rides the jinn and not the one who lets her ride her. #known Netflix”

Fajita is surprised by Kiras’s visit to her duplex, as he hopes she would help him save the world from the evil jinn, but the flirtatious widow who is dying for a man’s attention misunderstands his request ‘as usual’.

Abla Fahita’s show was banned and stopped on the Egyptian channel CBC almost a year ago, and this raises doubt about the possibility of Fahita return on Netflix, which is looking for Arab content that is beyond censorship imposed by TV stations in the Arab world on entertainment which would give Abla Fahita a new freedom of expression cieling that was not available in the past.

In another story, Fahita is currently performing in a tour called “Transit”, which has recently visited Kuwait. She also takes part in various activities through its social media accounts.

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