The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown Does Not Deserve This, Lukes

The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown Does Not Deserve This, Lukes

There have been many moments throughout this season of The Bachelorette so far when we have been in awe.

Not only is Hannah a particularly good Bachelorette, but she mostly has a really good-seeming group of guys. Many of them are likable, they’re treating her well, and they’re being kind to each other, mostly. They also immediately identified the problems in the group, and for the most part, Hannah seems to be on the exact same page they are.

It was immediately clear this season that she was attracted to Luke Parker, and it was also pretty immediately clear that Luke Parker is one of those guys who doesn’t fare well on a show where the whole point is that one woman dates multiple men. He declared he was falling in love on like the first (group!) date, and clearly has some issues, which even Hannah could see.

Tonight, he was given the opportunity to play rugby, and rugby is a rough sport in every single way, so Luke P. got really rough. He may or may not have tackled Luke S. for no reason, but no one was quite sure what exactly happened.

Hannah Brown Plays Bachelorette Edition of ‘Chubby Bunny’

Whatever happened, it took up like 80% of the episode, and one thing became very clear: Hannah really likes Luke P. Because if she didn’t, he would have already been gone, and also because she literally said her feelings for Luke P. were the strongest during tonight’s episode.

It makes it so so hard to watch a season when the frontrunner is, at the very least, being painted as a villain, and at the very most, is very much a villain, with all the other guys turned against him, and all their time spent sharing their feelings on Luke P., while all Hannah can do is be confused and annoyed about the whole situation with Luke P., because she’s got feelings for a guy who apparently sucks.
This is just to say that we are tired, and this whole thing is really impeding our enjoyment of the delightful Hannah Brown, because all she can do is ask for the truth and be annoyed. We fear Luke P. is going to last a little too long for our taste, and we’re going to continue to have way too many guys in our ranking gallery whose ranking is sort of random based on the fact that they got no screentime in which they weren’t talking about Luke P.

You can see that ranking below, though obviously things will be changing next week when we actually get to a rose ceremony.


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