Shirin’s Picture From Her Husband Hossam Habib’s Birthday Raises Speculation About Her Pregnancy

Shirin's Picture From Her Husband Hossam Habib's Birthday Raises Speculation About Her Pregnancy

Sherine Abdel Wahab is in the entertainment news again after she posted a picture at her husband Hossam Habib’s birthday, which was on May 31st.


In the picture, Hussam Habib hugged his wife and put his hand on her stomach, which reinforced speculation that they are waiting for their first child and raised one question “Is Sherine pregnant?”

So far, Hossam Habib and Sherine Abdel Wahab have not commented on the news they are waiting for their first child.

Hossam Habib had been a guest on the show “Aisha Show”, revealing his great love for his wife Sherine and his desire to have children with her.

This is not the first time that the pregnancy of Sherine Abdel Wahab has been tackled. Since their marriage in April 2018, and whenever the singer gains weight, news of her pregnancy rise, and such news was denied more than once, whether, through her brother, her manager or she denies them herself during her concerts, yet the Egyptian sensation confirmed in several television interviews that she wishes to have a child from her husband Hossam Habib in the near future.

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