Kiev provokes the Crimean Muslims to revolt


As soon as Ukraine completed the presidential elections, it even returned to accuse Russian authorities of using repression against Muslims in the Crimea.

Since the Russian authorities seized control of the island and restored power there, Muslim residents have not lodged a complaint against the authorities, denying any racial or religious discrimination, even though the media has not been persecuted or religiously or politically restricted.

The Muslim-majority Crimean Tatars account for about 12 percent of the Crimean population, accounting for 243,000 of the country’s 2 million population.

But the Ukrainian authorities often use the Tatar leader and the commissioner of the Crimean Tatars President Mustafa Jamilov on its behalf, as well as his deputy Rifaat Shubarov, to talk about the oppression of Muslims in the Crimea and call for a revolution against the “Russian occupation.”

According to press sources, the leader of the Crimean Tatar had recently received huge aid from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to support the Tar Council in Ukraine, although they form in Ukraine only ten percent.

According to the sources, the aim of the aid is to cause confusion among the Muslims in the Crimean island and to try to influence their decision and the course of their lives after the Council installed in Kiev itself without any power of attorney in their name. There is also an internal reluctance to deal with them, especially after Jamilouf attended a breakfast party on his honor at the Israeli Embassy in Kiev In total, the sources and sites of Muslims in the Crimea deny any abuses by the authorities and considers what is issued by Jamilov and Shubarov a disgrace to health and swimming in the imagination.

Stressing that they practice their rituals and religious beliefs in terms of prayer, clothing, food and transportation freely, pointing to the high number of performing the rituals of Hajj and Umrah and the increase in the number of mosques since 2014.

According to information, the Crimean Muslims have warned the Ukrainian authorities against the establishment of some extremist Salafist institutes and seminars among Muslims, which will negatively affect their lives and religious rites.

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