Woman Records Her Suicide in Photos

Woman Records Her Suicide in Photos

A teacher of an Ajman school allegedly committed suicide in her Sharjah home and sent the photo of the act to a friend while tightening a piece of cloth around her neck, according to police sources.

The Sharjah Police are investigating the death of the 32-year-old English teacher, identified as Marzona SM, in her apartment in Al Gafia area. The police received a call from the teacher’s friend, who received the photo from her.

A police team comprising of officers from the forensic section, Criminal Investigation Department, police patrol and ambulance rushed to the apartment where they found the women in a critical condition.

She was rushed to Al Qasimi hospital where the medical team tried to save her life, but she died a few minutes later. The friend of the teacher was interrogated by the police to know the cause of her death.

They were told that the teacher was a divorcee and was in dispute with her ex-husband over the custody of their children, who are currently in India. She called her friend and informed him that she is about to commit suicide.

He tried to calm her and told her that he would see her after Taraweeh prayers. However, in response, she sent him the picture of strangling herself via WhatsApp. He rushed to her apartment and knocked at the door be she didn’t open. He broke open the door with the help of a friend and saw the woman in critical condition, said the police sources.

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