EA shows off its next-generation hair

EA shows off its next-generation hair

Gaming giant EA has been showing off its next-generation hair-rendering capability in a blog post.

It said it had put together a team of developers to work on hair shading, scattering, smoothness and volume in its Frostbite gaming engine.

The demo videos posted by EA show a faceless mannequin leaping around an empty room, whipping long, colourful hair from side to side.

The Frostbite engine powers games such as racing title Need For Speed and football hit Fifa.


However, some developers said making Frostbite easier to work with should be a bigger priority than hairstyles.

“Our purpose is to produce a step-change in real-time hair and reach results close to movie and offline rendering,” EA said in the blog.

It said the video offered a “glimpse into how future Frostbite-powered games will look like”.

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