Top Coca-Cola Alters Logo to Celebrate Ramadan

Top Coca-Cola Alters Logo to Celebrate Ramadan

A Ramadan campaign by Coca-Cola has been met by a far-right Islamophobic backlash in Norway.

The company celebrated the holy month of Ramadan by altering the brand’s logo to match an Islamic crescent moon.

“Now for the first time in Norway, we want to celebrate Ramadan together with Norwegian Muslims,” Coca-Cola’s marketing manager told Norwegian Dagbladet.

But Coca Cola’s stand on diversity did not appeal to everyone, with many quick to express Islamophobic and xenophobic sentiments.

Some members of the far-right in Norway even began calling for a boycott of Coca-Cola – threatening to drink Pepsi instead.

The announcement on Coca Cola’s Instagram page suffered the majority of the backlash.

“Islam is not welcome or wanted in beautiful Norway. Go to an Islamic country with this c**p. Try marketing Christian holidays there,” one user reportedly wrote on Instagram.

“I have no choice but to boycott your products,” said another user on Twitter.  One user wrote: “Time for me to stop drinking it then! Thanks for the memories.”

The Coca-Cola campaign represents Norway’s changing demographics, where a fast-growing Muslim community now makes up 5.7 percent of the population.

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