Do People Wash Their Legs When Showering?

Do People Wash Their Legs When Showering?

A Twitter poll has divided the internet after one person asked if people often wash their legs when showering.

The surprisingly problematic question was first posted by Twitter user Conor Arpwel on Thursday. He asked, ‘Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?’

Responses poured in and become a topic of debate as people argued one way or the other on if you should wash your legs every time you step into the shower.

‘For the record, I do wash my legs but lots of people apparently don’t,’ Conor wrote to defend himself after his poll gained more popularity than he expected.

Other people online started to debate each other on if it really was necessary to scrub the legs every time someone decides to take a shower.

One person wrote: ‘Are there people who do not feel the need to…. wash their legs…’

People were in agreement that washing the legs should be a necessity with one even saying they exfoliated their skin every single time.

‘I don’t just wash.. I scrub e v e r y part of my body (with exfoliating gloves and a wash cloth), everyday in the shower,’ the Twitter user responded.

‘Including behind the ears, belly button and every other place your mind can imagine.’

Another commenter even joked they would gift anyone who responded ‘no’ with a loofah glove to encourage them to wash the body more often.

The thread also included some responses from people who believed it was unnecessary to scrub the legs every single day when showering.

‘I feel like you don’t really need to wash your legs, you wash your top 3/4 and the soap and water runs down,’ a commenter explained. ‘Unless you’re extraordinarily dirty for some reason.’

Their response with echoed by other who also selected ‘no’ in the poll.

Someone commented: ‘How the f*** are you legs getting so dirty you need to regularly wash them with soap and water? Daily showers are for areas that produce a lot of sweat — armpits, crotch, a**. You don’t need to scrub yourself head to toe. It’s a waste of time and it’s bad for your skin.’

The Twitter thread also gave people the opportunity to joke about how they supposedly avoid washing their legs when going into the shower.

‘No, I take them off before showering so they’ll last longer,’ one person joked when commenting on the debate.

The Fader joined the debate by writing: ‘After we get over the hurdle of washing out legs, i would like to call to everyone’s attention the need to also wash one’s feet.’

Ultimately, the poll revealed about 80 per cent of people wash their legs every time they step into the shower. But there is still 20 per cent of people who think it is unnecessary to bathe the area.

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