A Thai Man Undergoes $4,000 Surgery for a Fake Six-Pack

A Thai Man Undergoes $4,000 Surgery for a Fake Six-Pack

A plastic surgery fan has gone to extreme lengths to achieve the perfect stomach – with a fake six-pack.

Pangpaparn Ounvilai, 24, from Thailand has undergone a bizarre cosmetic procedure that involves liposuction to remove fat from parts of the stomach that later reveals the natural abdominal lines.

Mr Ounvilai, who has had several surgeries in the past, forked £3,000 to have his stomach muscles enhanced because exercise could not give him the body he wanted.

He said: ‘I have been working out for many years but I want to my abs line to be more defined, so I did the surgery.’

‘It will make my body always look good even though I will gain a little fat. I am happy this way,’ he added.

Surgical expert Atittayapa Photiya revealed pictures showing Mr Ounvilai during and before the surgery.

Ahead of the operation a photo shows the surgeon marking out individual abdomen muscles on his flat stomach, while another image during the surgery shows him on on the operation table with objects in his torso.

Post surgery he can be seen with bandages covering the wounds from where the incisions where made during recovering.

After what appear to be weeks of resting, Mr Ounvilai flaunted his new body in a photo shoot by the sea.

Six pack surgery has been increasing in popularity for the last four years in Thailand, which also attracts many tourists flying to the country for the surgery.

On of the bizarre enhancements offered by another Thai clinic is a penis whitening procedure for image conscious men.

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