$6.7 Million Egg Purse is The World’s Most Expensive Easter Gift

$6.7 Million Egg Purse is The World's Most Expensive Easter Gift

An upcycled handbag worth a staggering $6.7 million (£5.13 million) has just been unveiled in New York City.


The pricey purse is made from materials that belonged to one hyper-wealthy woman, who decided to give her ‘last season’ items a new lease of life for Easter.

The bag is embellished with almost 8,000 glittering diamonds set in platinum and 24 carat gold, and it fastens using a pair of $40,000 (£30,600) Cartier earrings.

The egg segment is made from a genuine emu egg – from the world’s second bird- which was reinforced with enamel made from blue diamond dust.

The egg is encased with an asymmetrical nest of 24k gold, valued at $250k, and the interior is lined with a silk Hermès scarf.

The most valuable gems on the exterior are three extremely rare three carat flawless pink diamonds, worth $1.9 million (£1.45 million) and two flawless white diamonds valued at $265k (£202,000).

The opulent item is the creation of British designer Debbie Wingham, 37, who is famed for creating a series of ‘world’s most expensive’ items for billionaires in Dubai and beyond.

All of the items I used to make the purse were upcycled from the client who commissioned it,’ said Debbie, who named the bag ‘Reborn’ for that reason.

‘I never thought I’d ever put ‘upcycling’ and ‘world’s most expensive’ in the same sentence but here we are.


‘It’s my most unique piece yet…the highlight for me was using Cartier jewellery as an embellishment’.

Italian designer Alessandro Galanti created the gold shell for the emu egg, which is an ‘extremely tricky process’ according to Debbie, because the egg is so fragile.

‘He thought I was crazy at first, but in the end I got him to agree to the project and he managed to perfect it first time, without breaking any emu eggs,’ she said.

‘After I’d completed the design, the bag took three months to make.’

Debbie unveiled the purse on Tuesday on The Wendy Williams Show in the US, before delivering it to her mega rich client in Manhattan.

‘I can’t reveal my client’s name for security reasons, but she’s from New York and her family originates from Barbados,’ said Debbie, a mom-of-three.

‘Most of my clients chose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons,’ she added.

‘This client has a lot of wonderful, luxurious things in her closet, things she said she would never wear again, so we decided to give them a new lease of life for Easter.

‘I’m not sure if she’ll ever wear the bag out, she may take it to the red carpet, or just keep it as an art piece.’

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