The World Most Expensive Car Key Ever!

The World Most Expensive Car Key Ever!

Dubai is all about luxury, glamour and the ‘first in the world’.


The emirate has, of late, seen a number of first launches worldwide such as the most expensive perfume costing Dh4.75 million (1,293million) and the costliest pair of shoe worth astounding Dh62 million ($16 million).

The latest making it to the list is the world’s most expensive car key, priced at whopping over Dh2 million (0.5 million euros) – excluding five per cent value-added tax (VAT) which amounts to Dh100,000 ($27,222).

Studded with 34.5 carats of diamonds, Dubai-based firm Awain’s most exclusive supercar key ‘The Phantom’ is combined with precious metals, fine wood, pure leather, and high-grade jewels.

On Tuesday, the Finland-headquartered Awain launched three exclusive lines of customisable supercar keys which can replace the standard key of any luxury vehicle on the market.



Apart from the Phantom, the Quantum line is studded with 354diamondstotaling 3.45 carats and prices start from Eur49,000 (Dh201,630, $54,887). While the Serenity model features 1,250 diamonds totalling 20 carats and priced at Eur89,000 (Dh366,165, $99,677). All three models are made from 175g of 18 or 24-carat gold.

“Dubai is a place where the most extravagant and spectacular products are launched. As we have recently seen the launch of the most expensive perfume. A lot of people appreciate luxury and Dubai is an ideal location because it has a strong car culture here,” a spokesperson told Khaleej Times in an interview.

The company expects royals from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and the owners of supercars to be main buyers of these expensive keys.

“When I was a motor journalist, I noticed that most luxury and supercar keys were fairly nondescript and made of plastic. They didn’t have the same craftsmanship or finesse as the cars they powered, which seemed like such a shame. So, with that in mind, I enlisted the help of designer Leevi Markkula and watchmaker Joakim Jokela to help me create a really beautifully crafted, bespoke and incredibly luxurious key. After two years of honing and perfecting the technical and aesthetic design, Awain and our exclusive line of keys were born,” said Awain chief executive officer Jalmari MaXla.

“Luxury car owners no longer have to settle for using a standard key to drive their customised vehicle,” says Jalmari MaXla, CEO, Awain.

“As a passionate car enthusiast myself, I believe that the very best cars in the world deserve the very best keys, and our pieces really make a statement of excellence.”

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