Dubai Art Most Colorful With Big Installation of Pink Flamingos

Dubai Art Most Colorful With Big Installation of Pink Flamingos

A showcase of regional artistic talent went on display at a bi-annual community event in the UAE.


Art Nights, held on Tuesday at Gate Village, in Dubai, included gigantic installations of pink flamingos, quirky sculptures, photographs portraying Dubai heritage, and examples of the latest technological developments on the art scene.

Organized by the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), Art Nights boasted a variety of works from local and international artists “rarely seen by the public.”

A DIFC statement said: “The plethora of local artists participating in DIFC Art Nights is a testament to the established and burgeoning talent the region has cultivated.”



The event was staged at DIFC’s ritzy complex on Sheikh Zayed Road and stand-out pieces included Alicia Eggert’s playful use of lights and words to depict “the relationship of language, time, and image.”

Some of the artists were on hand to chat with visitors. Emirati visual artist Rawdha Al-Ketbi was displaying a rusted and broken “time capsule” which she had found in Abu Dhabi and manipulated to look even more antiquated.

“As an artist, I usually go to abandoned places and collect objects. I sometimes find personal belongings, and photographs of the people who used to live there,” Al-Ketbi said.

The event also included a government social enterprise initiative that showcased hand-knotted Afghan carpets, while art start-up venture Lemink displayed a digital frame that projects iconic paintings.

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