Saudi Earmarks Cultural Heritage of Arab World

Saudi Earmarks Cultural Heritage of Arab World

Sheikh Khalifa Al-Khalifa, director of the Museums Directorate at the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities, reviewed the history of his country’s National Museum at the Riyadh International Book Fair.


Al-Khalifa highlighted that the museum movement in Bahrain began in the 1950s, and that the government began to take care of historical heritage by loaning items to international institutions until the National Museum opened in 1988.

As part of the talk, he presented an old picture of the museum’s construction process. He pointed out that the center included six important halls, including galleries, laboratories and support services, in addition to the administrative department.



Al-Khalifa also displayed many other historical images of archaeological sites in Bahrain. He noted the importance of research and educational work museums provided, the need to instill historical value in future generations and raise awareness among society of a nation’s heritage.

He said: “Heritage exhibitions are important for the Arab world. Perhaps Saudi Arabia today sets the standard in its interest in cultural heritage. It is a great advantage. The Saudi experience is inspiring to many countries, organizations and institutions interested in history. We try to benefit from the experience of the Kingdom.”

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