Dana Al-Halabi to Participate in ‘Al-Hayba’ Season 3

Dana Al-Halabi to Participate in 'Al-Hayba' Season 3

Lebanese singer Dana Al-Halabi is participating in the series “Al-Hayba” in its third season alongside actors Taym Hassan, Mona Wasef and a number of other Lebanese and Syrian actors.



Dana said that her role in the series will leave a significant impact on her career. She did not say whether her role will be secondary or a starring role, or if this could lead to seeing her as the heroine of a new series with the production company (Al Sabbah) later that has already produced “Al Hayba”‘s first two seasons.

The ambitious scenario happened before as Valerie Abu Chakra participated in a minor role in the second season of “Al Hayba”, and this year she landed the leading role in series “Ma Fiyi” (I can’t) alongside actor Mutasim Al-Nahar, and she is preparing to film her scenes in a new film produced by the same company

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