Israeli TV Host Qualifies ‘Human Animals’ Comment in Reference to Beating 2 Palestinians by IDF

Israeli TV Host Qualifies 'Human Animals' Comment in Reference to Beating 2 Palestinians by IDF

Oshrat Kotler releases new video in response to the comments she received for referring to the Five IDF soldiers who beat two handcuffed and blindfolded Palestinians on January 31 as “human animals.”


“The goal of the broadcast we aired on the soldiers, as well as my comments that followed, was for us, as a society, to take responsibility for the soldier’s actions,” Kotler said. “The soldiers cannot be blamed when we are the ones who put them in this surreal daily routine in the West Bank.”

Kotler continued by saying that, as we are in the middle of election campaigns, “within seconds, politicians used only my last comments, detaching them from the complete story.”

“I am not a politician,” exclaimed Kotler tearfully, as she repeated what she said before – that her statement was specifically referring to the five soldiers and not the entire IDF.

“I am sorry if I hurt anyone with my words, but I cannot see the price we pay through our children for the reality of controlling another nation,” Kotler continued. “We have lived this reality for 52 years, I do not have a magic solution, I am not a politician.”

Kotler claimed that “as a reporter, it is not only a privilege, but also a duty, to express an opinion on the reality we live in.”

“Thousands threatened my life and the life of my family, and I am afraid, but I hope to find the strength to continue and express my opinion as a reporter,” Kotler concluded.

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