Ola Al Fares Settles Controversy Over Her Relationship With MBC

Ola Al Fares Settles Controversy Over Her Relationship With MBC

News websites and social media pages speculated about Ola Al-Fares’s departure from MBC channel, noting that her relationship with the channel completely ended for unknown reasons.


Jordanian media figure Ola Al-Fares wrote on her Twitter account: “Dear audience… Despite many interpretations and many campaigns that I still retain the right to reply to .. I tell you that my contractual relationship with  MBC Group ended in 2019… I submitted my resignation at the beginning of 2017 to move to Rotana Group for reasons we can talk about later.”


She added “I started my career with MBC in 2004 at “Al Arabiya” and then moved to MBC in 2007. Years of challenges, self-building and polishing my skills, my most beautiful years, which culminated in a joint success. I thank all my great colleagues for the wonderful memories and the best friendships. Thank you to all those who stood by me, who had confidence in my abilities, and who provided me with a stimulating environment. I will never forget to give you credit. Thank you, Professor, Godfather and the absent yet present Saad Al – Silawi and Al-Shaikh Walid Al Ibrahim who left an imprint. Thanks to the wonderful audience .. We have an upcoming meeting with the permission of the Lord ”

“I promised myself that the year 2019 will be a return worthy of the absence .. As I always say:” I leave just to come back stronger ..”

Jordanian Ola Al-Faris worked for MBC channels for a long time. But her tweet about Jerusalem, which sparked controversy in response to Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, angered many of her followers, especially people of Saudi Arabia, and was said to have been the reason for the separation from the channel.

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