OIC foreign ministers to meet in Abu Dhabi

 The foreign ministers of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states will meet in Abu Dhabi on March 1-2 to discuss the OIC’s role in promoting development in member states.

Secretary-General Dr. Yousef bin Ahmad Al-Othaimeen said reaching higher levels of development and prosperity for member states, and strengthening economic and trade relations between them, are among the most important pillars of the OIC’s economic program.

“Economic cooperation between OIC member states is based on the established connection between development and peace, security and stability,” he added.

Al-Othaimeen cited the number of member states (57), and the diversity of their natural sources, as positive factors in terms of economic cooperation.

To improve economic and social cooperation between member states, he called for the implementation of joint programs to mobilize resources and maximize opportunities.

The foreign ministers will discuss the effectiveness and adoption of the OIC’s various programs and measures.

They will also highlight their national priorities for economic development, and areas of convergence with the OIC’s objectives, plans and programs.

The ministers will discuss activating different financing mechanisms, and the development and marketing of Islamic financial products and other innovative financing tools.

They will also explore the active participation of community-based organizations in developing the rural sector; promoting employment of the youth, women and vulnerable people; promoting economic best practices; improving the quality of human resources; and providing appropriate institutional frameworks for national economic development strategies.

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