Saudi envoy to US responds to Iranian President: Arab lands are for Arabs

Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the US Prince Khalid bin Salman responded on Thursday to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s historical claims on Gulf countries by saying that “Arab lands are for Arabs.”

“The (Iranian) regime represents the biggest threat to stability in our region, and it is still holding on to its expansionist dreams. In their revolution’s 40th anniversary speech, the regime’s President unveiled their expansionist intentions by claiming that Arab lands in the Arabian Gulf are part of their lands, calling the area ‘Southern Iran’. Arab lands are for Arabs, and the honorable Yemen and Coalition actions speak louder than illusionary speeches,” the Prince tweeted in Arabic.

Prince Khalid also called Rouhani’s rhetoric dangerous and expansionist.

“Rouhani’s dangerous & expansionist rhetoric is a reminder that this regime has not moderated” Prince Khalid said in another tweet.

“Sadly, it appears that it will continue to waste the Iranian nation’s wealth on funding terrorism and radical militias,” he added.



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