‘Peasants Rebellion’ Is the First Lebanese Series On NETFLIX

'Peasants Rebellion' Is the First Lebanese Series On NETFLIX

In the opening of the film “Time Out” starring Lebanese actors Magy Bou Jason and Yorgo Shalhoub, Producer Jamal Sannan announced that the Lebanese series “Thawret Al Falahin” (Peasants Rebellion) is the first pure Lebanese series to be screened on Netflix.

Jamal Sannan’s statement turned into reality, as Netflix already started screening the series under the name “Peasants Rebellion” on its platform.

The series thumbnail shows a group picture of the series’ cast: Ward Al Khal, Bassem Moghniyeh, Carols Azar, wise, Hanna, Emeh Sayyah and Sara Abi Kanaan.

The series is produced by Eagle Films and directed by Philip Asmar.

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