Dubai Court Jails Man for Resisting Arrest

Prosecutors accused him of resisting on-duty public officers.


A 33-year-old man has been charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance for behaving aggressively with four police officers and resisting being taken into custody.

According to public prosecution records, the Ethiopian man, who is jobless, pushed four on-duty officers repeatedly while they tried to take him to the police station to check his residency status.

Prosecutors accused him of resisting on-duty public officers.

The incident took place on November 22, last year, in Naif.

During investigation by the public prosecution, a police lieutenant recounted that he was on patrol duty at 6pm in Freej Al Murar area looking out for suspects and pickpockets. “It was then that we spotted the defendant who looked suspicious to us and his descriptions matched those of one of the suspects we were looking for.


“I called on him and he came. I told him that we are cops and that he needed to get inside the police car so we could check his status in our criminal database and he obeyed.”

The officer added: “But before riding in, he changed his mind and tried to flee. My colleague, a lieutenant, grabbed him by his clothes to stop him.”

As the defendant kept resisting fiercely and trying hard to break away from the officers, he caused them to fall down. “We did not do anything to him but he kept screaming. We told him to get inside the car and tried to reassure him that we would only check his details. Another police patrol then joined us and helped bring the defendant under control,” the officer told the investigators.

A report from the general directorate of criminal evidence and criminology detailed the injuries sustained by the officers, which included bruises and neck pain.

The defendant has been placed in detention.

The trial continues on February 20.

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