Migrant recalls ‘daily beatings, starvation and suffocation’ by Libyan forces

While he dreamed of having a decent life in Europe, Osama Murad traveled from Palestine to Libya, but he found himself in a “slave center” after being held by Libyan intelligence, who he said exploited him to do hard labor by beating and torturing him and other immigrants.

Murad shared his story with Al Arabiya, revealing the role of Libyan state institutions (including its employees and members of armed groups) in abusing and exploiting vulnerable immigrants and using them for forced labor.

The young Palestinian’s story began in July 2018 when he left his country and went to Libya, through Egypt, in order to eventually reach Europe, seeking job opportunities and security. However, once he reached Libyan territory, he was kidnapped and arrested by an armed group that took him to Libyan intelligence in Tripoli along with ten other immigrants.

Despite their legal entry into Libya, the immigrants were imprisoned in detention centers and were subjected to “unimaginable horrors, including emotional and physical torture, electrecution, and starvation.”

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