Bangladeshi Conjoined Twins in Hungary for Life-Changing Surgery

Bangladeshi Conjoined Twins in Hungary for Life-Changing Surgery

Conjoined two-year-old twins from Bangladesh have flown to Hungary to undergo life-changing surgery to separate them.

Rabeya and Rukaiya, who are joined at the head, left Dhaka Medical College Hospital and boarded a flight today alongside their parents and doctor to begin treatment.

The twins will stay in Hungary for three months where they will be operated on by a team of twenty medics in the risky procedure that has less than 20 per cent success rate.

For the final final operation, the twins are expected to return to Bangladesh they will finally be separated in a bid for them to lead normal lives.

Born in 2016 to primary school teachers Rafiqul Islam and Taslima Khatun, the conjoined twins amazed doctors with their ability to walk and talk.

The mother of the two told the Bangladesh Post: ‘Initially it was very difficult to handle them because of their condition but they can now talk and walk.

‘Though they are joined, they share different personality traits. For example, if Rokeya cries, Rabeya doesn’t.

Health and Family Welfare Minister Mohammad Nasim gifted six plane tickets to the family, and the government is paying for the life changing surgery, according to local media.

Rabeya and Rokeya have already amazed doctors as very few craniopagusconjoined twins survive birth.

Conjoined twins occur once every 200,000 live births, and even if they survive birth, their prognosis is generally poor.

About 40 per cent are stillborn and an additional 33 percent die after birth, normally due to organ failure or abnormalities.

But 25 per cent have been known to survive and even have the option to be separated depending on where they are attached at the skull.

Mortality rates for twins who undergo separation vary, depending on their type of connection, and the organs they share.

Advances in brain imaging and neurosurgical techniques have made separation surgeries more possible.

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