Sherine Shocks Everyone With a Short Pixie Haircut (Video)

Sherine Shocks Everyone With a Short Pixie Haircut (Video)

The ever-evolving Egyptian songstress, Sherine Abdel Wahab, is making headlines for a live comment during her New Year’s Eve concert and it’s positive for a change.


Known for her stunning wardrobe choices and sensational makeup and hairdos, the artist shocked us all with a very short pixie haircut. The fans asked about the daring choice and her response was hilarious.


Apparently, her hairdresser charges USD 3,000 for his services, so she funnily explained that she chopped it off and plans on going to the same barber as her husband and fellow Artist, Hossam Habib. “Just put on some gel and get going,” Sherine laughed. Leave it to the Egyptian singer with angelic vocal cords to make the most unexpected comments while performing.

Once again, thank you Sherine for your wits and randomness. Only you can make us laugh this hard when you go off script.

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