Lego Wall Turns Into 10-Month Strenuous Activity for Welsh Couple

Lego Wall Turns Into 10-Month Strenuous Activity for Welsh Couple

A couple’s ‘joke’ about building a Lego wall got out of hand – when they spent nearly a year and £2,000 using the plastic bricks to build a 10-foot structure in their home.


Janet Turford, 43, and Alan Wilkinson, 50, from Pontypool in South Wales, hoped to ‘jazz up’ their games room and joked they could use their beloved Lego to build a life-sized wall.

However what started out as a ‘silly’ bit of fun when the pair started piecing together the first bricks in September last year quickly snowballed into something ‘bonkers’.

Finished and stuffed with quirky characters, secret doors and Lego men – the couple have dubbed the finished project as suitably ‘awesome’.

Ms Turford said: ‘It was a labour of love but it took 10 months because we did it as and when we could after work and at weekends – just whenever we had a little free time to fill.

‘We’ve got a games room with a pool table and karaoke and lots of different quirky bits, a dartboard and everything.

‘We had the space above the bar that needed filling. It was just plain. We were just trying to figure out how we could jazz it up and we both love Lego so came up with the idea of building an interactive wall that our friends and family could enjoy along with us.’

What began as a ‘bit of a silly joke’ quickly turned into something bigger.

Ms Turford said: ‘It seemed like quite a small and easy project at first but we massively underestimated how many bricks it took to even complete one line so quickly found ourselves scouting around for more.

‘We didn’t plan it. It just happened as we did it row by row. We wanted it to be as natural as possible so tried not to think about the colours we were putting together as we wanted it to stay childlike and naive.’


The couple have had several parties this year and were surprised about how enthusiastic people could be about the feature.

‘It’s a talking point, definitely. It’s massively taken us by surprise how appreciative and enthusiastic people are about it,’ Ms Turford said.

‘I really thought people would just see it as a wall of bricks and funky bits on it but people genuinely think it’s a brilliant creation.

‘You just don’t think that many people are going to appreciate something you’ve done so it is very humbling.

‘Especially when it’s a personal thing and it’s a project you’ve done yourself and put out there. It’s gone a bit bonkers.’

The couple sought out the thousands of bricks used in the wall at car boot sales, auction houses and through online sellers – but became frustrated at how quickly they got through them.

They say they have no idea how much they spent in total – but gave an estimate of a couple of thousand pounds.

And in true Lego spirit, the couple think their creation is ‘awesome’ and routinely sing the Lego theme song ‘Everything is Awesome’.

Ms Turford said: ‘I love it all. I love the men in little holes. I love my JCB man and my criminal escaping down a ladder with a policeman at the top.

‘I love our little robot that we made the night before because there was a hole that needed filling so we made him out of pieces to make a robot. There’s so many different things. I just love it all.

‘It’s awesome. It is awesome. But it’s because we loved doing it. There wasn’t really a moment where we didn’t like it.’

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