UAE Officials Confiscate 58kg of Expired Products

UAE Officials Confiscate 58kg of Expired Products

The Ras Al Khaimah Municipality nabbed 51 outlets for flouting rules and confiscated 58kg of expired products in November.


The violating shops were part of 1,623 food and health institutions inspected at different areas of the emirate this year, according to a senior official.

Shaimaa Al Tunaiji, acting manager of the Public Health Department, said that staff inspectors carried out 413 inspection campaigns in November. “Up to 58kg of expired products, including 49kg cosmetic items and 9kg food items, were confiscated and destroyed for being unfit for human use,” she said.


“Some outlets turn deaf ears to repetitive warning letters and have complete disregard to the impact the unfit products have on customers’ health. Our inspectors deal follow a zero tolerance policy for any violation and keep a close eye on all food and health institutions.”


Hefty fines, along with temporary or permanent closure shall be enforced against the erring institutions. More inspection campaigns shall be launched to get a better control on the RAK markets.

While none of the erring shops was shut down, warning letters were issued to many of them, she stated. The violators were forced to sign an undertaking agreeing to never repeat the same violations, or else face partial or permanent closure.

Staff inspectors also impounded one vehicle for selling foods on the street in the undesignated area. “The public is urged to show no cooperation with street vendors, who are unlicensed and fail to meet safety standards,” she said.

The latest records show that 5,436 livestock animals in November were slaughtered at the emirate’s four abattoirs (Filaya, Shawka, Ras Al Khaimah, Gheil). “However, 25 livestock animals were killed for being sick and unfit for human consumption. Up to 54 food shipments, including 150,275kg of vegetables, frozen meat, and fish, were examined at the RAK international airport.”

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