‘All Muslims Should Leave Israel’. Facebook Bans Netanyahu’s Son After This Post

'All Muslims Should Leave Israel'. Facebook Bans Netanyahu's Son After This Post

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son has been banned from Facebook after he posted that ‘all Muslims should leave Israel’.


Yair Netanyahu’s, 27, took to Twitter to air his grievances that he had been temporarily blocked over apparent anti-Muslim posts, calling the social network a ‘dictatorship’.

In a message which was taken down by Facebook, Yair called for all Muslims to leave Israel, in the wake of a series of deadly attacks.

His post read: ‘Do you know where there are no attacks? In Iceland and in Japan where coincidentally there are no Muslims.


In another post he wrote that there were only two possible solutions for peace, either ‘all Jews leave (Israel) or all Muslims leave’.


‘I prefer the second option,’ he added.

His comments came after two soldiers were shot dead on Thursday at a central West Bank bus station near a settlement.

On the same day, a baby prematurely delivered after his mother was shot and wounded in a separate attack nearby on December 9 also died.

After Facebook deleted Yair’s posts, he criticised the social networking giant, calling it a ‘dictatorship of thought’ following his 24 hour ban.

Critics of the prime minister have often attacked Yair as a grown man living in the premier’s residence despite having no official role and benefiting from a bodyguard, a driver and other perks.

They say the parents of the Yair are grooming him for future political power in an attempt to establish a ruling dynasty.


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