Israel Commits 811 Violations Against Palestinian Journalists in 2018

Israel Commits 811 Violations Against Palestinian Journalists in 2018

Israel committed at least 811 violations against journalists in Palestine this year, the Palestinian Information Ministry said Sunday.


The ministry said in a report on Israel’s violations against freedom of the press that Israeli forces breached against journalists 282 times in Gaza, and 529 times in occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Two journalists were killed on duty in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli forces, according to the report.

It also went on to say that a total of 345 journalists were exposed to physical attacks, while another 162 appeared in court.

Since March 30, 2018 — the start of the Great Return March — 80 journalists were injured by Israeli bullets, while they were covering the incidents, said the report.

Rallies are organized every Friday throughout the West Bank by popular resistance committees which demand an end to Israel’s policy of unbridled settlement construction on occupied Palestinian land.

A total of 54 press institutions were closed this year, said the report, while 100 journalists were prevented by the Israeli authorities from performing their job.

The report also recalled the Nov. 12 attack on Hamas-run Al-Aqsa TV headquarters in Gaza, which was destroyed by Israeli jets.

May 2018 saw the highest monthly number of Israeli breaches against journalists, it said.

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