Lighter schoolbags bring smiles on the face of students across India

How much should a schoolbag weigh? At long last India’s federal government, various state governments and the country’s powerful judiciary seem to have arrived at an answer after brainstorming and soul-searching for years.

Henceforth they will weigh between 1.5 kg and 5 kg, the Human Resource Development Ministry in charge of education has decreed, via a circular meticulously capping the weight of schoolbags for different classes to lighten the daily burden of millions of children across the length and breadth of the developing nation.

This long-awaited circular, which saw the light of day this week, stipulates that schoolbags of classes 1 and 2 students will not exceed 1.5 kg, range between 2 kg and 3 kg for classes 3 to 5, 4 kg for classes 6 and 7, 4.5 kg for classes 8 and 9 and a maximum of 5 kg for class 10.

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