Twitter Users Mind Blown After Discovering Secret of 8 of Diamonds on Card

Twitter Users Mind Blown After Discovering Secret of 8 of Diamonds on Card

Twitter users were left reeling when it was revealed there is a third number hidden on the eight of diamonds playing card.


A user from Liverpool, who goes by the account name of Plink, took to the social media site to ask: ‘What age were you when you first saw the 8 in the middle of the 8 of diamonds?’

A close look shows how a figure ‘8’ can be made from the white space between the diamonds on the card.

While the post assumed many others had already spotted the number, it was clear this wasn’t the case when surprised users started retweet and comment.

The tweet has since received tens of thousands of ‘likes’.

Many of the comments were from people who said the revelation had ‘changed their life’, while others said they were ‘today years old’ when they discovered the hidden number.


One follower wrote: ‘Cripes! I just saw it right now. And in three months and two days I’ll be 67’.

Meanwhile a seasoned card player admitted he had only discovered the hidden number that day, adding: ‘I’m 49 years old and just saw it today. Been playing cards my whole life’.

Meanwhile another surprised user admitted: ‘I can’t believe it’s been there the whole time. Learn something new every day!’.

However not everyone was able to spot the hidden number, with one replying: ‘I don’t see anything’.

Explaining where the number was hidden, some tweeters took to Twitter to draw the outline for those baffled users.

And one follower even demonstrated that the hidden number theory could also be applied to the other suits with the number 8.

Sharing a picture of the eight of diamonds, spades, hearts and clubs, she wrote: ‘Had to check! Maybe that’s why it’s called crazy 8’s-all that looking drove some people crazy! I see my Pinochle game getting better’.

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