‘A Private War’ goes to frontline to tell reporter Marie Colvin’s story

Award-winning American war reporter Marie Colvin was known for her dispatches from some of the world’s most brutal conflicts. Now a new film starring “Gone Girl” actress Rosamund Pike tells her story about being fearless on the battlefront.

Focusing on the last decade of her life, “A Private War” takes audiences to the frontlines of fighting in Sri Lanka, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. Colvin, reporting for Britain’s Sunday Times, was killed in Syria in 2012.

Based on an article about Colvin in Vanity Fair, the film for which Pike wears a patch to cover the eye the journalist lost in a blast in Sri Lanka in 2001, follows her evading gunfire and digging for the truth as well as the effects her war zone trips had on her personally.

“I just thought ‘My gosh, this is a woman who would be a joy to kind of get people to see’… this complicated, ferocious, driven, ambitious, vulnerable, romantic soul and put that out on screen,” Pike told Reuters. “Because… oh yes is she a role model, but a role model in a real way.”

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