In TV show ‘Churails’, Pakistani women take on society’s demons

Ten women, dressed in colourful burqas and armed with hockey sticks, cricket bats and their wits, step out of a shop to confront an angry mob.

Over two minutes, they deliver a sound beating to a mainly male group that had gathered at the door, having shown up thinking they could stop the women from doing what they do best, helping other women out of difficult or violent situations.

Using cricket bats, hockey sticks and even whiskey they found lying around, the women push the shocked mob back.

Churails is certainly not your everyday Pakistani television show.

This cathartic scene in particular flies in the face of how such confrontations are generally expected to go in Pakistan, a country of 207 million people where violence against women is frequent and widespread.

Written and produced in Pakistan, Churails – which was released in August on Indian streaming platform Zee5 – breaks new ground, smashing stereotypes and putting strong women at the centre of its story.

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