In Times of Galactic Flights ‘The Boonji Spaceman’ Lands in The Middle of The Caribbean Sea

While Billionaires embarked on their own space race this month, there’s one spaceman that has found its home in the sea.

The giant sculpture “The Boonji Spaceman,” created by artist Brendan Murphy, stands on a dock in the midst of the ocean at the Hodges Bay Resort in Antigua. The metal art piece is made up of steel and carbon fiber.

Striking a Michael Jackson-inspired dance pose, the sculpture is covered with several mathematical equations, and science and physics formulas written all over it. The inspirations of the work: formulas, equations, relationships are used to create a pictorial spectrum of human emotion and the unifying natures of shared humanity.

“Who better to embody embracing the unknown than a guy jumping out of a spaceship into space?” Murphy told CNN in a recent interview.

The sculpture, composed of steel and carbon fiber, took 8 months to create, according to Murphy, and there were production issues because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Since its arrival, the Spaceman has upped the ante of the Caribbean jaunt adding a ‘WOW’ factor. The statue was commissioned by a collector and is among the tallest of its kind in the Caribbean.

“I have good energy. I’m an honest guy, a very loyal guy. I have no agenda. I just want to make really cool stuff and to provide for my kids. That’s it”, says Murphy.

Brendan Murphy is a widely known contemporary artist whose works are found in prominent private collections around the world. The universal appeal of his works transcends borders and language.

Brendan Murphy is a widely known contemporary artist whose works are found in prominent private collections and galleries around the world. Since his early career, Brendan has blended abstract and figurative forms to reveal meaning with deeper contemplations through his sculpture and painting. Brendan believes it is in art’s potential where we can most universally transmit positive energy. He recognizes the effect this energy, when experienced as a collective, can have on society as a whole. His commitment to the process and true craftsmanship is the unifying thread throughout his body of work.

Murphy’s artwork is collected by some of the most recognized faces in the world from Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Warren Buffett, Robert DeNiro, and Ryan Gosling.

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