In Pictures: US cities clear up after big freeze

Clean-up operations have begun in the US after heavy snows and gale-force winds battered the eastern seaboard in the first major blizzard to hit the region in four years.

Cities such as Boston and Atlantic City bore the brunt of the storm, with parts of the state of New York seeing two feet (61cm) of snow fall, while over 31,000 people in Massachusetts remained without power into Sunday afternoon.

Transport links along the east coast were heavily disrupted. Over 6,000 flights were cancelled and 90% of Saturday flights at Boston’s Logan Airport and New York’s LaGuardia were scrapped. More than 10 states were put under a blizzard warning.

The National Weather Service (NWS) explained that the storm had undergone bombogenesis, meaning that colder air mixed with warmer sea air, leading to a swift drop in atmospheric pressure. The process leads to a so-called bomb cyclone.

A convoy of plough trucks in New York clear roadsIMAGE SOURCE,NYC SANITATION/TWITTER

In New York City, Governor Kathy Hochul said that snow ploughs had been deployed across the state to help clear roads after a storm that saw New York City’s iconic Central Park record a record 7.3 inches (18.5cm) of snowfall.

Islip in Long Island was the state’s hardest hit area. Ms Hochul joked that the town was in line to receive “the golden snowball award” after more than 24.7 inches (62.7cm) of snow fell.

But much of the state avoided large power outages and New York Mayor Eric Adams said on Saturday that his city had handled the storm like a “well-oiled machine”.

Gritters clear the runway at John F Kennedy airportIMAGE SOURCE,JFK AIRPORT/TWITTER

Airline operations across the US were seriously disrupted by the weather and New York’s John. F. Kennedy airport tweeted that flight operations were getting back to a slow start on Sunday.

However, an additional 1,400 flights were cancelled over the course of the day, with thousands more delayed.

A worker clears snow away from the base of the Bunker Hill memorialIMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES

At the Bunker Hill war memorial in Boston, workers faced a tough challenge clearing away the remnants of the storm. According to the NWS, the city matched its record for the largest snowfall in a single day. Over 23.6 inches (59.9cm) fell over the course of Saturday, equalling the previous record set in 2003.

The town of Sharon, 18 miles (29 kilometres) south of Boston, had recorded its highest ever snowfall by 20:30 on Saturday evening, with more than 30 inches of snow falling.

Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito told reporters that the state’s clear-up could continue into Monday.

A man clears snow away from his home in BostonIMAGE SOURCE,GETTY IMAGES

Meanwhile, a number of towns and cities across Massachusetts faced major power outages over the course of the weekend, with over 116,000 households without power on Saturday.

State officials had restored electricity to the majority of the state by Sunday morning, with the remaining outages concentrated around Cape Cod.

High School students row a canoe along a road during heavy flooding, in Nantucket, MassachusettsIMAGE SOURCE,REUTERS

Elsewhere in Massachusetts, some coastal communities experienced moderate flooding after the stormy weather caused high tides.

Meanwhile, in Maine officials issued wind chill warnings and temperatures remained low, and in Rhode Island an emergency road travel ban was lifted overnight.

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