In Moscow: Miniature Nail Accessories Take Instagram by Storm

In Moscow: Miniature Nail Accessories Take Instagram by Storm

Busy women on the go are always looking for time-saving make-up tricks, but these bizarre hacks certainly take things to the extreme.

Russian beauty salon Nail Sunny, famed for its viral nail art trends, revealed a new boundary-pushing design that sees each individual finger tip transformed into a miniature lipstick.

The Moscow beauty gurus also unveiled a second manicure where miniature DIY eyeshadow brushes are carefully applied to each nail.

The bizarre two-in-one looks allow women to top up their make-up without the hassle of carrying a bag full of products – although practical considerations mean they’re unlikely to catch on.

Instagram users were quick to react to the lipstick clip, which received almost 300,000 views, with many exclaiming over the manicurist’s creative talents.

Sharing a step-by-step guide for the lipstick nails, the salon begins by giving a customer a black manicure with gold tips.

The manicurist then cuts a lipstick into flat square slices, before gluing it to the back of the model’s nails.

Adding a top coat of gloss, the model then demonstrates how she can apply the lipstick directly from the nails.

And followers quickly reacted with the surprise at the innovative creation, with the post receiving hundreds of comments.

However a handful of others slammed the results as ‘unhygienic’.

One follower wrote:’She gonna wake up looking like a clown though- lipstick everywhere! (sic)’.

Another added: ‘Very nice until she has to go to the bathroom’, while one wrote: ‘No what a sin! I’m interested in how he goes to the bathroom with those hands!’.

Elsewhere on fan observed: ‘Just imagine scratching your face or whatever!’.

Next up the account shared another unusual make-up themed manicure, in the form of nails that double up as brushes.

Demonstrating how to achieve the unusual nails, the manicurist begins by painting model’s nails black, before painting the Mac logo over them.

She then cuts a make-up brush into small pieces tied together by an elastic band.

Sticking the home-made miniature brush to the back of the nails, the fascinating video shows how the nails can then be used to apply eye shadow directly to the face.

In January the same nail salon shared a design which showed a miniature version of Kim Kardashian twerking.

The post, which quickly went viral, detailed just how the fascinating manicure was designed, garnering millions of likes.

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