In its battle with Russia; United States Turns Ukraine into a Spearhead

Despite its miserable economic situation, social and political fragmentation, and widespread opposition, Ukraine will become the spearhead in the battle between NATO and Russia, which is the position that the United States has chosen for it.


NATO is escalating and Ukraine is in the fore

Since its separation from the Soviet Union, which disintegrated into mini-states, Ukraine began to suffer from a major economic crisis, so it tried to resort to Western Europe and join NATO, but the latter’s countries, especially the United States of America, procrastinated in meeting this request, and began to bargain with Kiev in order to make concessions The most important of these is the necessity of accepting it as a spearhead in any future war with Russia.


It remained suspended, afflicted by weakness, and rejoiced by the hollow Western statements that threaten anyone who approaches the Ukrainian border.


66 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed since the beginning of this year, with the weapons of the opponents in the Donbas region, which demands its political, social and economic rights. The Ukrainian army was unable to repel their attacks or defeat them in any battle, so it has long called on the Europeans to increase it with weapons to protect itself, to no avail.


The Ukrainian leadership is certain that the few weapons that America supplied to protect itself through the use of few weapons, such a country lacks children and specialists, and what it possesses, as well as it can be sold even in the scrap market and iron recycling.

In order to remedy its crisis, it has become marketing itself as a restorer of old and worn out weapons that it inherited from the great mother country, for livelihood and trade, and it has tried to expand this door to present itself to countries and regular armies on their ability to reproduce those weapons and equipment, including shoulder-mounted missiles, which turned out to be a catastrophic failure after the experiment. He was from Kiev, but went to sell those weapons to militants in Libya, Syria and Iraq.


Among the old weapons that it is trying to develop are the OSA-AKM launcher, which is similar to the RPG launcher, in addition to the Strela missiles, which fell into the Ukrainian trap with Macedonia facing the Albanian rebels, as well as Pakistan, which tried to develop its old weapons and also bought the T-84UD tank. At a very low price, from Ukraine, knowing that this weapon dates back to World War II and has only primitive optical equipment compared to its competitors.


In the Arab world, Iraq has been deceived thanks to the corrupt leadership in it. The former head of the Iraqi Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Hakim al-Zamili, revealed the existence of cracks and malfunctions in the engine of military tankers that were contracted between Iraq and Ukraine in 2009, confirming the involvement of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, noting that “all tankers The ones that arrived in Iraq are still stored in Camp Taji in the military equipment and wheels repair factory, and there are many holidays with the hydraulic systems.”.



Destroying old weapons

Reports indicate that most of the weapons of the former Soviet Union are outdated and must be destroyed due to their lack of international standards of weapons and technology at the present time, and that they may be dangerous even if they are developed and modernized, but the current authority of the Ukrainian defense industry is trying to align with the interests of the corrupt leadership in the Ministry of Defense Ukrainian developers and companies that have witnessed many corruption scandals and malfunctions.


Exporting  of spoiled materials

The matter did not stop with the export of old weapons and useless in any battle, even if it was on a bird hunting trip. Several countries registered their dissatisfaction with the Ukrainian products exported to them, such as Tunisia, which received the corrupt Ukrainian wheat deal that arrived in the country on board the George Bourqaz ship, and previously This is Turkey, which refused a Ukrainian shipment of wheat, as it was found after examinations that the ship’s cargo was a carcinogenic and spoiled merchandise and not suitable for human consumption.


This is Ukraine, which the United States is pushing to fight a superpower and promises it to provide assistance, support, and military and economic support, while Kiev will only obtain promises that will certainly not be implemented in light of global experiences to turn America back on its allies, the last of whom was in Afghanistan.

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