In Abu Dhabi: Woman Receives Over $46,000 Compensation After Failed Laser Surgery

A woman, who had suffered burns during a laser treatment session to get rid of abdominal fat, has been awarded Dh170,000 as compensation by a court for the damages inflicted to her.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Court of Appeals upheld the ruling by a lower court.

The court ordered a medical centre, a doctor, a nurse and an insurance company to pay the compensation amount to the patient for the material, psychological and moral damages she suffered after receiving the laser treatment.

The Arab complainant had suffered burns on the stomach, which left a permanent disability to her body, according to a medical report.

Court records stated that the woman had filed a lawsuit against the dermatology and cosmetic centre and its doctor demanding Dh2 million as compensation.

She said the doctor decided to use laser treatment for the removal of her abdominal fat.

The complainant said she underwent the first treatment session without any complication. But in the second session, she felt severe pain during the laser treatment.

She found out that her area in the abdomen, where the laser was applied, was burnt after the session ended.

She alleged, though the doctor who had operated upon her, gave her cream (to apply on burn), her condition worsened over a course of time.

She further alleged that the doctor did not treat her after she reported to him about complications following which she was compelled to visit another hospital.


Her medical reports revealed that she suffered first and second degree burns and had to undergo another surgery to remove dead skin from her abdominal area. The surgery led to 5 per cent permanent skin disfigurement.

Earlier, she had filed a criminal case against the doctor at a lower court, which ordered to pay a fine of Dh100,000 for medical negligence.

The lower court had urged the complainant to file a civil case demanding compensation for the damage caused to her.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Court of First Instance had ordered that she be compensated with Dh170,000 for the damages she suffered.

The Abu Dhabi Civil Court of Appeals ruled in favour of the complainant and dismissed the defendant’s plea.

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