‘I’m a Christian’: Uber Driver Calls on Gay Couple to Stop Kissing in The Car

'I'm a Christian': Uber Driver Calls on Gay Couple to Stop Kissing in The Car

A gay man has criticised an Uber driver who asked him to ‘stop kissing’ another man in her car because of her religious beliefs. 

Finn Davies told Pink News he and the other man, whom he had met that night, were travelling from central London to their homes in east London when they decided to ‘smooch’ in the backseat of the car.

But the driver asked the men to stop, saying ‘she was Christian’, implying that their behaviour was offensive because of her beliefs.

After taking to Twitter to share his experience, Finn was met with comments insisting the driver’s behavior was ‘not acceptable’.

Uber responded on Twitter to say the incident was ‘certainly concerning’ and offered Finn a refund. However Finn said he was still awaiting an apology.

Speaking to Pink News, Finn said: ‘We were kissing for a minute or so before we heard the Uber driver say: “Stop that please, I’m a Christian”.

Her tone was stern but calm. We immediately stopped and went silent.’

He told that although he originally felt uncomfortable and ‘guilty’, his embarrassment soon turned to anger and he ended his journey prematurely.

According to the publication, the driver has worked with the company for two years and has a respectable 4.93 rating.

Twitter users jumped to the defense of Finn,  with one insisting the driver was simply  being ‘homophobic’ and should be ‘looking at the traffic not you’.

One argued: ‘In fact not acceptable in any case because the driver should be looking ahead at the traffic not at you.

‘Obviously drivers can check up on their customers for any illegal acts but kissing isn’t illegal. I’ve kissed in taxis before w/out any issue. So she’s clearly homophobic.’

A second raged: ‘The the real question is to society. Would a straight couple feel nervous kissing in a taxi or at a bar? Answer is no.

‘Where as the fact that I’m not surprised at her response is probs more of a problem. I’m always afraid to kiss in public. Even cute pecks and THEY ARE MY FAVE.’

Another asked: ‘My question to her would’ve been whether she‘d find it inappropriate if a straight couple did the same thing?’

An Uber spokesperson told Pink News: ‘What has been described is totally unacceptable. Uber has a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination of any kind and we are currently investigating this incident.

‘Any driver found to have violated this policy faces permanent deactivation from the app.’

MailOnline has approached Uber UK for comment.

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