Iceland Store Refuses to Accept Money Kept in Bras, Shoes or Mouths

Iceland Store Refuses to Accept Money Kept in Bras, Shoes or Mouths

An Iceland store has sent Twitter wild after declaring it will no longer be accepting money that’s been in shoppers’ ‘mouths, bras or shoes’ due to coronavirus fears.

An branch of Iceland in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, shared a handwritten sign with its customers detailing the new rules.

A snap of the poster was shared online yesterday and has since racked up hundreds of retweets and thousands of likes.

It comes as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the UK hits almost 800, with 10 deaths – while the government says 5,000-10,000 people may be infected.

Twitter user Elliot Eastwick shared the Iceland store’s poster, which stated: ‘Due to the nationwide corona scare, we won’t be accepting money that has currently been in people’s mouths, bras, shoes. Thank you, Iceland staff.’

He added the caption: ‘Never change Rochdale.’

The tweet was quickly inundated with comments, with social media users finding the notice highly amusing.

‘Stay classy Rochdale,’ one user joked, as another said: ‘Is there new technology now that can tell if a fiver was previously stored in a bra?’

A third added: ‘That raises more questions than answers,’ as a fourth quipped: ‘But I always keep my money in my MouthBra.’

The post also prompted some social media users to share their customer service horror stories.

One person said: ‘Clammy, warm money. You soon learn not to eat crisps at work after a day or two of handling it. I speak from good old retail experience.’

Another added: ‘My sister works behind a till. They have no gloves and no hand sanitizer for cashiers to use. My sister is constantly screaming at people to cover their mouths when they cough.’

Coronavirus fears have now truly gripped the UK – car parks were empty this morning and train stations and carriages deserted as commuters avoided busy areas.

The mass stayaway came after the Prime Minister yesterday announced a step-change in official advice and said people with mild symptoms such as a cough or high temperature must stay at home for seven days.

Boris Johnson ramped up Number 10’s response but ministers refused to shut schools like other European countries, including Ireland, and delayed any rules banning large gatherings or international travel.

His chief advisers revealed in a briefing that the real number of coronavirus patients is actually more likely between 5,000 and 10,000 already in the UK.

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