‘I Support Sex Before Marriage and My Fiancé Lives With Me’! Highlights of Nadine Al-Rassi’s Interview With Rodolph Hilal (Video)

She’s known for her boldness and frankness.

And Lebanese actress Nadine Al-Rassi didn’t disappoint in yesterday’s interview in AlMuajaha (Confrontation) talk show hosted by Rodolph Hilal.

The Lebanese beauty said that all Lebanese, Syrian and Egyptian actresses are hypocrites, they flatter each other, but when things get serious and work is involved,  there is hair pulling.

Al-Rassi added that it is preferable to leave some distance with everyone and for artists to focus on their businesses, as there is always enmity between people working in the same field, stressing that there is no true friendship in art field.

As for the most successful on-screen couple, Al-Rassi picked Lebanese actress Nadine Njeim and Syrian artist Taim Hassan in Al-Hayba, denying that Cyrine Abdel Nour has taken any position against her opinion, stressing that she holds love for Cyrine and Nadine Njeim and Maggie Bou Ghosn, who checked on her during the crisis.

Rodolph then moved to ask Nadine about her previous statements about Stephanie Saliba when she was being interviewed by Hisham Haddad.

Al-Rassi clarified that she was misunderstood, and in fact she defended Stephanie and did not attack her.

She said that Saliba’s family has a personal relationship with the governor of Lebanon’s central bank Riad Salamé and this is a private matter, but since then Stephanie has become a meme and was heavily attacked by the Lebanese, then she urged the media to focus on Stephanie Saliba the actress.

Despite her clarification, Al-Rassi indirectly attacked Stephanie Saliba again and accused her of being like a PlayBoy actress.

Then she shockingly said that she’s not a fan of drama, and she’s never watched other actresses’ series, such as Valerie Abou Chacra and Daniella Rahme, and she doesn’t care to watch anyone.

Nadine declared that Lebanese actors do not have the exposure in the Arab world if they do not perform next to Syrian or Egyptian artists, except for Nadine Njeim and Cyrine Abdel Nour.

Separately, Al-Rassi sent out a message to her estranged children Marcel and Karl, she said: ‘I love you and I would die for you till the last breath in my chest. I will always love you and we will live the best life, if not today then tomorrow. I’m waiting for you.’ noting that Nadine’s ex Giscard Abinader took her kids when they separated.

Speaking of love, Al-Rassi told Rodolph that her fiancé Majd Da’boul, who is 7 years younger than her, was able to turn her ‘black heart into a red one’, adding that she would wear a white dress for this great love, and the wedding is expecting to be next May.

Nadine added that she currently lives with her fiancé and that she doesn’t mind sex before marriage, stressing that she encourages sex education for children to protect them from abuse and rape.

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