‘I Got Married to a Woman’: Raven-Symone, Miranda Maday Hold Intimate Wedding

'I Got Married to a Woman': Raven-Symone, Miranda Maday Hold Intimate Wedding

Raven-Symoné is a married woman.

The 34-year-old actress and singer married her fiancée, Miranda Maday, at an intimate wedding Wednesday.

Raven-Symoné, whose last name is Pearman, shared the news Thursday on Instagram alongside photos from her wedding.

“I got married to a woman who understands me from trigger to joy, from breakfast to midnight snack, from stage to home. I love you Mrs. Pearman-Maday!” the star wrote. “I’s married NOW.”

“Thank you to all those who helped and for those who understand why it was small during this time,” she added.

Maday posted more photos on her own account, including a picture of herself and Raven-Symoné kissing and photos with their guests.

Raven-Symoné came out on Twitter in 2013 while celebrating the nationwide legalization of gay marriage. She said in an interview with Variety in 2019 that she’s “very happy” to be out.

“While it was a selfish thing for me to keep my secret to myself for as long as I did, I am very happy that I’m out, if only to help someone else feel comfortable,” the actress said.

“It is about that one person who you’ll never see or meet who watches the show and feels that confidence to just say, ‘Hey, guess what? I’m gay. And if you can’t accept me, it’s okay, because I see Raven pushing through,'” she added.

Raven-Symoné is known for starring on The Cosby Show and the Disney Channel series That’s So Raven. She also co-hosted the talk show The View.

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