How Do I Put on? Belgium’s Deputy PM Slammed After Having Issues With Wearing Facemask

How Do I Put on? Belgium’s Deputy PM Slammed After Having Issues With Wearing Facemask

Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister has been filmed putting a face mask on his forehead and over his eyes, in a clip that went viral over the weekend.

Koen Geens was visiting a sewing shop in Wijgmaal, Belgium, where volunteers had made 35,000 fabric masks to help the country’s coronavirus efforts.

Unfortunately it seemed he hadn’t worn a mask before and needed some guidance on how to put it on.

The best code of practice is to place the mask against the nose and mouth and pull both straps at the same time behind the ears.

But Mr Geens put it on his forehead first, before finding it wouldn’t go around his ears, as he made a media appearance at the Ferm Women’s sewing workshop.

He then moved it to cover his eyes and tried again before pulling it down to cover his nose and mouth.

Twitter user Bas Toemen, who posted the viral video, captioned the clip: ‘Ladies and gentleman, the deputy prime minister of Belgium.’

It was quickly liked and retweeted as others laughed at the deputy prime minister’s mishap.

One wrote: ‘In all countries it is the same, the most useless are the ones that run the country.’

Another added: ‘What is this!!! politicians in Belgium are even worst than politicians here in Spain. ohhh my God . Unbelievable!!!’

One penned: ‘I actually snorted watching this.’

Another said: ‘Much more important question, did he finally succeed???’

It came as Belgium announced face masks would be mandatory on all public transport in the country from today.

But Mr Geens was not the first politician to face embarrassment after failing to put on the vital piece of personal protective equipment (PPE).

South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa was captured struggling to get his facemask on after delivering a speech on the importance of wearing them, in a blunder livestreamed on Thursday, April 23.

Before suffering the face mask mishap President Ramaphosa announced the nation would be easing some of their lockdown restrictions from next month.

He urged those leaving their homes to travel on public transport to wear face masks, and then attempted to give an instructive demonstration on how to wear a mask – which did not go to plan.

Leading by example the president stretched the fabric mask around one of his ears, but struggled to hook the other ear in the elastic.

A second later the mask rebels, pinging off his face before President Ramaphosa firmly places it back over his ears, this time leaving his eyes covered by the mask like a blindfold.

Twitter humorously reacted to the video clip of the president grappling with the mask which was shared widely on social media.

Using the hashtags #MaskOnChallenge and #CyrilMaskChallenge people shared posts of themselves incorrectly wearing face masks over their eyes.

Today the president responded to the social media reaction, telling Enca: ‘Well for those of you who were laughing at me yesterday, I am going to open a TV channel where I’m going to teach poeple to put on a mask. So you can enroll how a mask is put on.’

One Twitter user posted: ‘My family and I laughed. Even the sign language lady was a bit more passionate throughout the whole speech and suddenly at the end she ran out of signs.

Adding: ‘I don’t think Mr President will mind a little #MaskOnChallenge We have more than enough sulk moments. Let’s laugh a little.’

While Roxanne Konkol tweeted: ‘Something positive. Thanks Cyril for the giggles #maskchallenge #MaskOnChallenge #Masks #CyrilFridays.’

Some even went as far as creating mock ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ movie posters, which featured the president wearing the mask as a blindfold with the words ‘Fifty Shades Of Lockdown’.

Others did not find the jokes about the mask blunder amusing, Busisiwe Ntshingila tweeted: ‘Not funny not after all we have been through can you imagine how tired that man must be, where many failed he has protected us, give him a break and show some respect.’

On March 26 South Africa went into a 21-day lockdown, this has since been extended with most people urged to stay at home, however some measures will be lifted.

The total ban on cigarette sells will also be eased from next month. A total ban on alcohol sales remains in place.

Some schools are expected to reopen with limitations placed on class sizes.

Another politician to fall foul of the mask-wearing challenge was Pedro Duque, an austronaut and aeronautics engineer as well as the minister of science, innovation and universities in Spain.

When he tried to put a mask on while demonstrating how to use the facial covering it pinged away from one of his ears.

The face mask then slipped down to below his nose as he tried to demonstrate how to correctly fit it to the face during the appearance on Spanish television.

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